Improving and simplifying public school enrollment for all Oakland families. Produced joint enrollment fairs across the city. Launched single enrollment application for >90% of charters. Created online school finder and applications for OUSD and charters. Current deliverables: gather and analyze enrollment data (both OUSD and charter); create plan for further enrollment improvements using feedback from this season.

  • Charles Wilson (co-lead), Executive Director, Enrollment and Registration Management, Oakland Unified School District
  • David Castillo (co-lead), Head of School, Urban Montessori Charter School
  • Luis Rodriguez, Executive Director, Enroll Oakland Charters
  • Mirella Rangel, Director, Community Engagement, GO Public Schools
  • Elise Gresch, Director of Technology, KIPP Bay Area Schools
  • Charles Cole, Specialist, Community Engagement, Oakland Unified School District
  • Russ Ballati, Consultant, Oakland Unified School District
  • Laurie Jones, Founder, East Bay Innovation Academy
  • Yusef Carillo, Enrollment Coordinator, Oakland Unified School District
  • Shannon Fitzgerald, Enrollment Strategies and Systems Consultant
  • Manisha Patel, Project Manager, Technology Services, Oakland Unified School District