#DisruptingInequtiy is focus at Oakland Public Schools Equity Pledge meeting

On August 24, 2016 the first full meeting of the school year drew nearly 50 supporters who met to advance the progress of the Oakland Public Schools Equity Pledge. Priorities for Fall: increasing voice of parents, students, educators, and community organizations in the initiative; developing the written Equity Pledge; and delivering early wins that will benefit students. Increasing voice starts right away with the first meeting of the new Equity Pledge Committee on September 20.

Participants drafted statements of shared purpose that will become the foundation of the written pledge. They also prepared to welcome parents, students, educators, and community organizations into this initiative by creating brief summaries to introduce them to the scope of work and how it will benefit students. #DisruptingInequity was one theme generated by the group working on instructional practice and social emotional learning that will help guide future communications. Next steps include: updating working group rosters; scheduling upcoming (September – December) working group meetings; refining statements of shared purpose; creating project plans; and promoting the upcoming Equity Pledge Committee application process.


What’s New for 2016-17?

  • Governance has evolved to include greater voice from parents, students, educators and community leaders.
  • Focus has naturally progressed from last year’s Relationships and Ideas to this year’s Commitment, Voice and Early Wins
  • OUSD has hired a full-time Director of Cross-Sector Collaboration responsible for the program management of the Equity Pledge.



What is the Equity Pledge Committee?

  • A new committee comprised of parents, students, educators, community leaders, and members of existing working groups
  • Brings additional voices into the development of the Equity Pledge
  • Provides stakeholder perspective, input and recommendations
  • The agenda will include working group presentations and Q&A
  • Meets 5:30-7:30 pm on the third Tuesday of each month
  • Participants can also join working groups based on expertise and interest


What Does the New Governance Model Look Like?